About Us

Tris Timber, one of the subsidiary company of Zainix USA LLC has carved its own niche in timber Industry. We have strongly established ourselves as the leading supplier and exporter of Teak and Southern Yellow Pines with our operational branches in both South and North America. We are already exporting Southern Yellow Pines from United States and Teak from different countries of South America. More Specifically our operational areas include countries like USA, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica and various other countries in the sub-continent. Tris Timber has its own plantation bases and yards where fine and healthy breeds of Teak and Southern Yellow Pines trees are being grown from decades. The mature trees are then cut and processed at our facility according to Client’s requirement. The logs and lumber are routinely & thoroughly checked and properly preserved by professionals and experts from the industry before ship loading and supplying. We have been gaining reputation among clients and target countries as the first choice for export quality logs and lumber. We have selected finest breeds from South & North America and African Countries like Tanzania, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Togo etc. to grow, nurture, process & maintain the export quality of our teak supply.

Tris Timber welcomes initiatives from plantation farms, manufacturers, traders, brokers and agents for long term partnerships and business relations worldwide.